10 Tips On How To Give Up Smoking (Part 2)

Tips On How To Give Up Smoking

4. Not a single puff, please!
The mind may be tricky. It will tell you that a single cigarette can do no harm. And there is some logic in this argument, given the fact that you are dying to smoke. Do not give in! Promise yourself that you will not let yourself give in and have a single puff, even before this thought crosses your mind. Because this very thing will harm you and your cause. Because a single cigarette will lead to a second, a third, and before you know it, you will be a smoker once again. Do not lie to yourself! A single puff from the cigarette and everything will be back to square one.
 Tips On How To Give Up Smoking
5. Join the forum!
There are many forums that offer support for people fighting their addiction to nicotine. There you will not be alone. You will feel a supporting and even loving treatment right away. Join the chat, introduce yourself, let others know what exactly is happening to you, tell them about your bitter experience, read about others’ experiences. This will help you will that you are, indeed, not alone in your struggle. It will be best if you can be 100% honest. These people are or have gone through the same and will know best how to help you and guide you along your way. When you doubt yourself – go online and seek support and advice from these people, before you decide and light up that cigarette. If others have done it, why cannot you do it?
10 Tips On How To Give Up Smoking

Enjoy the experience! Make yourself gifts.
Make a list of awards that will be waiting for you! Don’t stop spoiling yourself – after the first day
, the second, the third. You can continue doing it even after the fourth day, but it will be better if you slow things a little bit – like, for example, your next gist to yourself will be after the first week, the second, etc. After that, slow things even more and stick to buying yourself only your most favorite things – after the end of the first month, the second, etc. Slow the process even more after the first six months. Make yourself an incredible and huge gift, but only after the end of the first year! Pick things that you have really anticipated – CD’s, books, DVD’s, shirts, shoes, massages, a bike, a dinner in your favorite restaurant, a night over at your favorite hotel. To sum it up – treat yourself with everything that you can afford! It would be best if you save the money from cigarettes and invest them in something pleasurable. These will be your savings as a non-smoker. Enjoy your success! Celebrate your success in the fight against smoking every chance you get! You have earned it!

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