10 Tips On How to Give Up Smoking (Part 1)

How to Give Up Smoking

Giving up smoking may be one of the hardest things and habits one needs to give up. Like many other smokers, you have probably tried quitting more than once, but with no result whatsoever. Here are ten pieces that will help you succeed where many others have failed.

10 Tips On How to Give Up Smoking

1. Engage yourself with the idea thoroughly!

You probably have not succeeded in quitting, because you have been only half-engaged in what you were doing. You have told yourself that you wanted to stop smoking, but there was always that thought on the back of your mind that you will inevitably fail like any other time. You did not write it anywhere, you did not tell anybody, not even your closest, no. This time around, though – do write it down. You can even go further than that – create a plan, even start a blog. Swear in something really meaningful to you that this time around, you are really serious about quitting. Make this known to all your friends and family, tell them that you are an ex-smoker already. Sign up on an ex-smokers forum. And you will be awarded for all this. If you do it, there will be no going back on your word. You need to make it absolutely hard and embarrassing to go back to your old destructive habits. You do not want to disappoint those, who are closest to you now, do you? Of course, not. So you need to really put your mind to it, and, just in case, do the aforementioned to make sure your conscious will not let you get away with it.

2. Create a plan!

“Today I will quit smoking,” will get you nowhere. You need to be ready for this decision. Plan it out. Make a list of encouraging awards along the way. Think of someone to call when you are having second thoughts. Write this all down in order for you to have in front of you, if you ever doubt yourself. Print it out and put it up on the wall – either at home or at the office. If you let yourself think about it when you have doubts, everything will be lost.

3. Get to know your own motivation!
When the critical moment comes, your brain needs to be working rationally. “What will the harm be?”  ask yourself. By that moment, you will have forgotten why you actually want to quit smoking. Are you doing it for your children? Your spouse? In the name of your own health? So you could run again? Because of the girl, you are with and does not stand being around smokers? You need to have really serious motives to do this to yourself. Write them down. Print them out. Put them up somewhere so you can see them! And read these motives every day, on every occasion. Do not let self-doubt and temptation get to you, otherwise, it is a lost cause.

– StilusTeam

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