10 Tips For People With Sons (Part 3)

Great Tips For People With Sons

8. Support his activities, even they are not typically boyish
If your boy likes to spend time in the kitchen with you and takes in interest in cooking, for example, do not try to push him away, just because it is not a typically boyish and manly activity. And do not forget that children frequently quickly change their demeanor – this year your son may want to sign up for dance classes and decide that he wants to take football classes the next. Let him try different things out and decide on his own. It is the same as the taste in music – do not suppress what he likes and put boundaries to his likes – this will only backfire at you and will kill the closeness and friendship you have established and built between the two or three of you. Remember – you son is an individual person and does not belong to you, therefore, neither do his interests, abilities and decisions.
10 Tips For People With Sons
9. Take an interest in his school activities
Step into your son’s school process, talk to his teachers and motivate him to share with you how his day went by. If your boy needs help with his homework cooperate with him, but WITHOUT doing it instead of him. How is he supposed to develop his skills, if there is constantly someone doing all the work for him? Believe me, at one moment he will even stop paying attention to the homework and the learning process as well.

10.Do not forget to praise him

When you notice that your little man has made an achievement, demonstrates a good behavior or has got a good grade from school, show him that you appreciate this achievement. This applies for all children, but boys have a specific need to be encouraged and for their progress to be noticed. This motivates them to keep up the good work. When you use praises, though, tend to keep away from phrases that have “the best in them”. For example, “You are the best in the football team”. Instead, tell him this, “You did great during the football match today, keep up the good work.” This will teach him not to compare himself to others and will not make you look like a parent that is being too critical of other people’s children that you may or may not know. This takes us back to the very fundamental meaning of bringing up a child and it is to bring up a tolerant and socially-skilled individual into the world. And you cannot do that if you are not such yourself.

10 Tips For People With Sons

So to sum it up, all you have to do is to be an active and caring parent. Observe your son’s character, know him and his interests, be there for him and let him know that you love him. This will surely bring up a strong and responsible man into the world.

Good luck, dear parents!
– StilusTeam

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