10 Great Tips For People With Sons (Part 2)

10 Great Tips For People With Sons

4. Boys are full of energy and it will be easy for you to notice that, while your daughter is just sitting there quietly, your son is trying to tear the house down. This is absolutely normal and has to do with the physiologic specifications of the two genders. Of course, you should not let things to run out of control and for hell to break loose in the house, but find a way to let boys spend their energy and let out their expressive character. If your kid wants to jump on the bed and you are not okay with this, find an old mattress and put it on the floor where jumping on it is permitted.
10 Great Tips For People With Sons
5. Respect his hobbies and boyish interests
Even to a mother, typically manly activities sound boring and distant. Try and make it so that, while growing up, your son feels that you share his interests and that you are excited for whatever he is doing or takes a fancy in. The father is of main importance here and should share activities and have fun with their sons – like fishing, for example, or a game of football, fixing things, playing with the dog, etc.10 Great Tips For People With Sons

6. Help him develop his social skills and establish friendships
It is harder for boys to show closeness when they are young. So pay particular attention to what catches his eye, what interests him and the circle of friends he feels best in. Boys socialize better when they are in a group of many while girls tend to play and get close in couples. In order for you to develop your son’s skills in personal eye-to-eye communication, you can organize different games with his friends. In this way, you will improve his skill to communicate, to share his belongings and toys, and to be nice and careful with the others. It will help him recognize and see different emotions in his friends and will become more socially intuitive.

7. Make music a part of his life
Even if your boy is not particularly talented in music, make sure that music becomes a part of his life from his early childhood. This will help in develop his social intelligence. You can take him concerts, you can listen to music together, observe what he likes. This is very important, as parents frequently tend to intrude their tastes in music on their children and that is wrong. You are bringing up an individual person in this world and not even letting him have a say in what he listens to or suppress his likes will most definitely not pay off in the best of ways.  If you want a responsible individual that stands firmly for what he wants and what he believes in, you MUST let him choose individually and make his own decisions, even for something as simple and trivial what music is.

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