10 Things You Want To Know About Sex But Are Too Embarrassed To Ask 2

The things we all want to know when it comes to sex, but sometimes are just too embarrassed to ask
6. Sex is more satisfying when you are in a long-term relationship.
While random sex can be very pleasurable and fun, it is more passionate and more conscious when it comes to long-term relationships. You have heard, of course, that the spark fades with time, but this cannot be further from the truth. Sex in a serious relationship can be very passionate if we do it so. The secret is that both partners know each other well enough and have no reserves in the bedroom. Sexual fantasies are a lot easier to be fulfilled with someone you can trust. This will be hard to achieve with someone you have just met, right?Sex But Are Too Embarrassed tabu

7. Orgasms ease period cramps for women.

Most women avoid having sex during their period. This is absolutely understandable, but you need to know that orgasms ease period cramps better than some medications do. Moreover, during an orgasm the uterus spasms and helps for faster cleansing.

8. Some medications may decrease sexual desire.
Antidepressants and antipsychotic pills are famous with their property to decrease sexual desire for both men and women. Other medication for correcting blood pressure and diabetes may significantly decrease the love game and the libido of the person taking them. Out advice is to never take pills that have not been rightfully prescribed by a doctor or if you notice any concerning side effects, to contact your doctor and ask for the pills to be replaced others that will be more suitable for you. Sex But Are Too Embarrassed tabu

9. Boys ejaculate the amount of a teaspoon – girls can double that amount.
When a man ejaculated, it seems as if he lets out a lot of liquid because everything from his testicles comes out. Despite what it seems, though, this amount is usually 3 -5 milliliters. Women can ejaculate as well, and they can top that amount many times.
Some of them are not able to do it because this requires certain techniques and a lot of practice, but once they are mastered, the result is impressing. This may happen either during sexual intercourse or during masturbation and is called squirting.

10. It is normal for you to have weird sex fantasies.
If you think that your sexual fantasies are weird and even kinky, think again. Actually, they number is infinite and you can probably hardly think of them all. Have not doubt in your mind that around you there are people that are thinking the same things.
Despite the fact that a fantasy may seem weird to you, your partner may view it as something completely normal. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed to share them – you never know what the person in front of you is thinking or fantasizing about. So who knows – maybe you have found your partner in crime.


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