10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does (Part 3)

10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does . The things that cool bosses do and how to recognize them!10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

7. He handles problems quickly and directly.

Most bosses are overwhelmed with duties and sometimes this makes them seem sharp and even rude in their employees’ eyes. So that is why they highly value that you deliver to them the information, not in detail, but summarized. The good boss knows that the skill to be open without being rude or mean may save him up a lot of skill to be open without being rude or mean may save him up a lot of time and that, ultimately, this will be appreciated by his employees. When the boss has a problem with a certain member of his team, he does not make it known to everybody. He will most probably come and call you over to his office with a calm voice and will directly say what the problem is. He will ask about the reason, he will listen to you, but he will explain without a doubt where you have been mistaken. His goal is not to nag or humiliate you. His goal is for you to understand your mistake and to agree that it is inadmissible. And he is done with the case. 10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

8. He shows his employees that he values them – in the presence of clients if it is possible.

Everyone likes a little pat on the back. Even more so, when the praise comes from the boss. The good boss is not short on deserved praising. He knows that when his personnel feel valued, work for them becomes more than a place where they earn their salary. And, if the boss praises they in front of clients, they become more confident that they are in the right place – a company full of good and capable people to work with.

9. He testifies his respect and gratitude towards his employees through small gestures.

When you give everything from yourself and not just do what is expected of you, it is nice of the boss to do something kind for you in return. The good boss always finds a way to show that he appreciates you not just in words. An extra day off, a coupon for a present or a treat at the office for the job well done – he will definitely get you to feel valued and meaningful. This will only make your performance at work even better and will motivate the others.

10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

10. He always listens.

To learn more, speak less – this is one of the main principles of the good boss. He will not interrupt you while you are speaking, just because he thinks he knows what you are about to say. He will listen you through carefully and will try to understand your concerns. This, however, does not mean that he will surely agree with you. Even if he does not take immediate action (or at all), he has already earned your respect.

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