10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does (Part 2)

10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does . The things that cool bosses do and how to recognize them

Continuing from Part 1… Things That “The Cool Boss

4. He gets to know his employees well and knows what their strong sides are.

He strives to get to know every member of his team personally. In this way, it will be much easier for him to know their personal motivation. And is there anything better than to be given tasks that match your working style and skills perfectly. The good boss comforts you to give the best of yourself. This creates an emotional dependence between the team’s wish for an even better performance and the efforts everyone makes while trying to justify the trust that the boss has given them. Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

5. He lets his team take their own decisions and do not question them.

If the boss has taught his team so well as to be okay with given them parts of his functions and allowing them to work from his name, then there is no reason for him to believe that his employees would act against the interests of the company. Even if you happen to take a wrong decision or to handle the situation in a manner different from his own, the good boss will not nag you for it. He rather sees it as an opportunity to help you to improve yourself and to obtain a positive experience through your failure. He listens to your reasons and discusses with you the reasons that have led to it, as well as the best opportunities that lay before you to help you correct your mistake. Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

6. He helps his team resolve their inner conflicts without participating directly.

Everyone has their casual argument with a co-worker. Do not expect the good boss to come and judge for you who is right and who is wrong when you go and complain to him. Of course, he will listen carefully to every side dragged into the conflict. If someone neglects their responsibilities or treats a colleague badly, it is logical for him to intervene and take part. But when the conflict is due to competition or comes from a personal matter, he will leave it to you to sort things out. The good boss believes that both sides have the necessary skills to work together and understand each other – after all, this is his team and every single one of them is there because he believes in their abilities. He does not expect you to love each other and be friends, but just to get along enough for you to be able to do your job. He will most probably bring you together to tell you this and then will distance himself. This, however, does not mean that he will leave the matter and not observe you for a while. Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

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