10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does (Part 1)

10 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does.

The things that cool bosses do and how to recognize them.

Who does not want to have a cool boss…
There are lots of crummy bosses everywhere – they are not able of handling their personnel well, they do not respect their employees and come up with significantly creative ways of spying on them. The employees, on the other hand, make fun of him and call him things that everyone will feel embarrassed from. Having a cool boss is like a dream come true. But being a good boss does not mean you doing whatever you feel like doing and simulating that you are busy while surfing on Facebook 24/7.If you are too busy looking into your own importance, you might as well miss the fact that you are one of the few lucky people to have a cool boss.

Here are 10 signs to help you know him.

1. He knows that he owes his success mostly to his employees.

He does not take all the glory away from the job well done just because he is the boss. He knows that it is his staff that is responsible for the bigger part of the achievement. It is his job to guide them in order to be sure that all requirements, deadlines and standards will be met. He always finds an appropriate way to thank his team for the job well done, to demonstrate his gratitude for the given effort and the good results and to motivate them to keep being so productive.Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

2. He gives you a task and trusts your way of doing it.

After he has given you a certain task, he lets you handle it in the best way for you – your way! He understands that different people go about the same problem in different ways. He knows that your method of doing it, no matter how different it might be from his own, may result in being just ass affective for the successful result. So before he butts in and forces his style and solution, first he estimates objectively how effectively you have been doing up to that moment and if everything is okay, he lets you continue. He is aware that with his constant intervention and critique he tears down your confidence and deprives you of the possibility to express yourself and to handle things alone. By doing this, you do not get any satisfaction and acknowledgement. Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

3. He believes that he can trust his team fully.

Most bad bosses believe that they and only they can cope with a certain function. Otherwise, they experience the fear of failure, of being replaced or cheated. This kind of leaders usually overwhelm themselves with work and responsibilities as they constantly observe even the tiniest decisions every one of their team makes. Very often, however, it so happens that they get lost in their need for full control and lose control of things.

 Things That “The Cool Boss” Does

Team Building

The good boss trusts his team on getting through with their tasks in the best way possible.

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