10 Steps to Better Cooking : Start a Daily Cooking Habit (I)

Steps to Better Cooking : Start a Daily Cooking Habit. Start a Daily Cooking Habit. In ten brief steps, you will discover the slight secrets of cooking of monstrously delicious dishes.  Daily Cooking Habit. Cooking is art, we accept it. We certainly do not claim that everyone can become a good cook, but by means of a few simple methods you can enhance your cooking abilities and your dishes will surely be much more delicious compared to before. Here are our ten steps:

1. Get rid of your microwave oven
Your microwave oven is usable for only one and a single thing – unfreeze foods taken out of the refrigerator. The microwave oven, unlike ordinary ovens, does not put any taste in your dish. When we use the ordinary oven, instead of the microwave, its steam helps the liquids in the dish to caramelize thus, become unrepeatably delicious. That is why choosing old-fashioned methods in your cooking will lead to much more delicious results. Daily Cooking Habit

Start a Daily Cooking Habit

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Step 2. Read the recipe two times carefully

In case, you are willing to cook something from a recipe, then carefully read it from beginning to end twice. Usually, we just catch a quick glimpse of the recipe and then forget the main points in it. Reading the recipe twice, you will minimalise the risk of forgetting the main features. Our advice to you is to choose your recipes according to your taste and will, and never to stick to one cooking book only. Explore and try different things.  Daily Cooking Habit

Steps to Better Cooking

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Step 3. Put down everything on a list
If the thing you are going to cook contains lots of different ingredients, then you had better make a list of the materials in the order they have to be added. Otherwise, the risk of getting confused and therefore, making mistakes is very high. It is better for you to work out your list counting backward from the moment of accepting your visitors. This way you will know exactly how much time you have and regulate your working speed.  Daily Cooking Habit

Steps to Better Cooking

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Step 4. Use wine – you will be surprised
Wine adds a lot to every dish’s overall aroma. The alcohol amount left after the cooking process is minimal, therefore, using wine doesn’t mean that the dish is appropriate only for adults. There is a thin detail about wine usage in cooking – for red meat, you should use red wine and for white meat, white wine.  Daily Cooking Habit

Steps to Better Cooking


Step 5. Use fresh green leafs
Dried grass either has some slight taste or no taste at all. Only this hint itself is enough to turn every dish into a masterpiece. From now on you will use fresh grass. You can either plant them yourself or buy them from the nearest market. Using them your dishes will obtain a great slightly spicy aroma. Thinking of it, I’m already getting hungry, don’t you, too?

Steps to Better Cooking


Stay with us for the next five steps!

– Zachary R.    

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