10 Life Lessons By Albert Einstein (Part 1)

10 Life Lessons By Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein’s life lessons could become our secrets to success. Here we have gathered ten inestimable life lessons by the bright genius.

We all have our methods in life for everything that occurs in our everyday routine and which we consider as successful ones. However, sometimes it is healthier to listen to somebody who has proved to be something more than an ordinary personality in this world. Albert Einstein has contributed a lot to Physics’ development as a science, now wouldn’t you like to let his thoughts and viewpoints contribute to your life understanding’s bettering? Read the lines below.  10 Life Lessons By Albert Einstein

Lesson 1.First learn the rules, then play the game!
What you have to do at first is to learn all the rules of the game you play. Once you have learnt the rules with all the details comes turn to becoming the best, of course, you have to desire this in order to be able to make it happen. This was Einstein’s secret for success. I hope it is clear that it does not apply only to the literal meaning of the word ‘game’ but thoroughly for our life.

Lesson 2. Knowledge derives from experience
“The only source of knowledge is experience” Albert Einstein
Who does know more – the boy that reads a book a day or the boy who visits a new place a day? I bet on the second one. Reading a lot will take you to tons of knowledge, but only theoretical knowledge. In order to become the best, in order to become a professional and able to use your knowledge you have to add experiencing in your success list, too.

Lesson 3. Do not expect different results
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Could we expect diversity and different things from life, if we follow the same routine every day to which we open our eyes? If you want your life to change, firstly you have to change yourself. If you want to experience new things, start doing new things.

Lesson 4. Create values
“Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value” Albert Einstein
It is not enough to put your best foot forward on the behalf of being successful. It is more important to create values. If you manage to create the necessary values, success will come itself to your life. 10 Life Lessons By Albert Einstein
Lesson 5. Carpe diem or Live the moment!
“I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.” Albert Einstein
If you want to design your future with the possibly best occurrences, try to stick to the present as tightly as possible. If you miss thethread of the present moment, you will lose your time orientation and your life organization.


-Zachary R.  

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