10 Advices On How To Motivate Your Child To Study

Advices On How To Motivate Your Child To Study

How to motivate our child to study? Curiosity and lust for knowledge and getting to know the world are an invariable part of childhood. Learning new things and mastering new skills is a part of the full-bodied development and heath of the child. In early age, learning has to do mainly with developing different talents, encouraged by the parents. When the little kid starts school, they gradually get used to the way teaching is done in the class room and how homework is done.

Sometimes, however, children are not motivated to study all subjects that are required at school. What can parents do to motivate their kid to study?
Advices On How To Motivate Your Child To Study
1. Fill their world with reading – for example, read stories together with the older siblings to the younger, fix a family reading time or choose a book everyone should read or just a quiet time of the day during which everyone reads a book they find interesting. Make books a part of your home, even a part of the interior design. Create the feeling that the book is something valuable, interesting and fun.

2. Encourage the child to share their interests and after class activities.
Often discuss what they like, how they feel whilst drawing, singing, practicing a sport or dancing. Make a decision together regarding any after class activities. The child has to feel like an important member of the family and to know that their opinion matters when making decisions. Advices On How To Motivate Your Child To Study

3. Show interest and enthusiasm for the child’s interests and encourage them to work harder on what they like doing.
Take a part in it by finding proper materials, books, workshops or groups that the child will like.

4. Play educational games.
There are many games that help the kid to study in different ways in the most convenient style for them. Many of the games include visual technologies, listening practices, creative methods, etc. When learning comes in the way of a game, it stimulates curiosity and enthusiasm.

Advices On How To Motivate Your Child To Study
5. Show them what you are learning with vigor or your interests when you were at their age.
Tell your child about your way of studying all the way from doing homework to gardening and back to learning from the Internet.

6. Do not focus on grades too much.

Discuss often what they are studying at school. Discuss together, without creating the feeling of interrogation or testing. Talk to the teachers about advice on how to help the little fellow to study more efficiently.
7.  Help the child keep their deadlines from school without any pressure.
The better the child learns to be organized, the more confident they will feel that they are indeed of control over the learning process and will feel motivated to study. It is important that kids do not feel stressed out by a deadline, but to learn to cope with their tasks on time.

8. Insert encouraging awards for good results and celebrate every achievement.

9. Avoid punishing when the child has not been diligent enough in studying.
Use encouraging techniques to motivate them to study and to create a positive demeanor and association with reading and class activities.

10. Be creative by including studying in your everyday activities, like watching interesting educational films, including the child in cooking, helping at home, walks, etc. to stimulate them to ask questions and to get to know the world better.

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